Nashville nonprofit makes sure Seniors get to the polls on voting day

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - In less than two weeks, Tennesseans will head to the polls to cast their ballots and make their voices heard.  

While getting to a polling location, sounds simple, for some, it can be a challenge. One Nashville nonprofit is working to make sure no senior is left at home. 

"To become a member of Senior Ride Nashville, our riders are age 60 or older, they no longer drive or limit their driving... and they would complete an application process with us,"  said Carrie Brumfield, Executive Director of Senior Ride Nashville.  

News 2 spoke to one senior who uses the service.  

Martha is 94 years old and she uses Senior Ride Nashville to go to the YMCA, grocery shop and make other trips. She told News 2 that she also plans to use the service to cast her ballot.  

"Oh yes, I'm planning on voting, oh yes," said Martha.  

The nonprofit was founded in late 2017 and since then over 2,500 trips have been given. With early voting and the upcoming election, more volunteers could be used.  

"To have the community step up and support our seniors to get them to the polls at this critical time would make a significant impact on the state of Tennessee," said Brumfield.  

Senior Ride Nashville has about 95 volunteers, with around 150 seniors enrolled in the program.  

A volunteer said that the program allows for flexibility with her schedule.  

"You can look online at the seniors' schedules, and pick rides that work with your own. If a senior needs a trip to the grocery store, I usually try to get my groceries at the same time or do other errands nearby," said Sue Baumgartner, a Senior Ride Nashville volunteer.  

The rides are round trip, costing only six dollars - and can be up to three hours. Each volunteer driver must undergo a thorough background check.  

The nonprofit currently serves five communities and is about to expand to East Nashville.  

If you're interested in volunteering or receiving a ride you can visit this link.